Lasota Music EP / Oct 2019

This has been a long 6-7 months for only 2 tracks. “Laid Back” has been sitting around, as a live track I’ve performed since over 10 years ago. My first album had a rendition of it but it was very sloppy. “Leaving”, is a tune which lyrics were penned by my friend Vinoo Samuel, who lives in India. Of course, the musical inspiration comes from that region and took a lot of time to sort out. The backing vocal and sitar are provided by Indian singers I asked to help through Fiverr.

Please enjoy this 2 track EP. It only lasts about 8 minutes – but it took me over 300 hours to get to the perfection I believe it’s currently in.

Guitar / Vocals / Production, Editing & Mixing / Lyrics (Laid Back) – Michael Lasota
Lyrics – Vinoo Samuel (Leaving)
Bass – Ken McAnlis (all)
Drums – Raun Shultz (all)
Guitar Noodling – Ben Baker (Laid Back)
Sitar – Chithrinie Nirupama (Leaving)
Backing Indian Vocal – Vanessa “cutefairy” (Leaving)

Special thanks to Reaper DAW. Used by Lasota Music since 2006.

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